'How to' process


  1. Register your interest via the website or by calling 9347 3677
  2. Make a time to speak with one of our reception staff and see the facilities
  3. Decide which membership option is best for you
  4. Complete an enrolment form at the centre and get started!

Memberships have no minimum term and no lock-in contracts. Payments are direct debited from a nominated bank account or credit card every fortnight.

There is a range of membership options available so there is sure to be something to suit you!



  1. Come into the centre
  2. Fill out a suspension form – make sure you bring along the dates you want to suspend from and to!
  3. Hold on to the receipt.

 Your Carlton Baths membership allows you 4 weeks of free suspension each calendar year. Any suspensions over this 4 week period within the calendar year incur a suspension fee of 71 cents per day.

All medical suspensions are free of charge upon presentation of a valid medical certificate that covers the requested dates of suspension. A return date is required to process the suspension.

Memberships may be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 26 weeks at a time by completing an amendment form in writing at the centre or emailing us as outlined above with 3 business days’ notice.



  1. Come into the centre
  2. Fill out a cancellation form
  3. Hold on to the receipt.
  4. Second guess your decision

Remember that if you do reach step 4 – you can always come back to the Centre within 6 weeks and pay no start-up fee to re-join.

All membership cancellations require 14 days’ notice, and any direct debit payments within this 2 week period will are to be paid in full.

Any outstanding payments must be paid in full prior to a cancellation being finalised.