Swimathon at Carlton Baths!

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Location: 248 Rathdowne St Carlton Show on Map
Date: 28th February 2016
Tel: 03 9347 3677
Web: http://pool.ymcaswimathon.org.au/event/ymcaswimathon-carltonbaths2016
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  • 10.00am Spin A Thon begins! (90 minute cycle session)
  • 11.00am - 12.00pm  Swimming! 60 minute window for all participants to achieve Swimathon targets!
  • 11.00am - 12.00am 2 X Swimming lessons for kids
  • 11.45am - 1pm BBQ fundraiser for Swimathon
  • From 11.30am onwards - Poolside music!


It's fair to say most Aussies spend more time in the water than on land. Whilst we don't have any stats to back this claim, it's hard to find someone who doesn't think everyone who wants to should be able to enjoy the water safely. Even 83% of dolphins agree. Ok, we can't back that one up either.

People with disabilities often require specially-qualified swimming instructors or accessible facilities. But more often than not, there are not enough qualified swimming instructors or the equipment available to easily access the water.

In a perfect world we'd all have gills. But since we don't, we want to raise over $250,000 to support more than 1,600 kids and adults with disabilities to enjoy the water and learn to swim safely. That's a list of people a mile long. 'Cos a mile is 1,600metres. Get it? Moving on...

So this is where you come in!

Join us on February 28th at your local YMCA pool and splash out in the YMCA Swimathon for people with disabilities in your community. It's as easy as singing 'ABC' by The Jackson Five:

But if swimming really isn't your thing there's still many ways you can help such as donating or volunteering. And if you do we'll even be your best friend!*

Oh and whilst you're here, check out the stories of people who now can enjoy the water thanks to your support. It'll move you. Like literally move you to your local Y this March for the YMCA Swimathon!


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