Myzone actionWe are excited to bring MYZONE to you at Carlton Baths!

Check out the information below and the highlighted links to find out a little more about what MYZONE is and how it works

MYZONE is a great way to improve the efficiency of your training, geared towards your specific goal. 

MYZONE is very user friendly, fun and its addictive! 

This system is a fantastic way of creating consistency, getting the right intensity and having great fun with your workouts!


MYZONE is an innovative chest-strap monitoring system that tracks heart rate, calories burned and overall effort both accurately and in real time.

How it works:

MYZONE's technology has proven to change overall motivation toward exercise, helping people put in the effort required to get the results they want.

MYZONE is undoubtedly the fitness wearable for reaching your goals. Download the app to stream your exercise activity, upload your data, review your results, track your progress and compete with your friends.