Boot Camp at Carlton Baths

  • Date: 11 January 2018
  • Category: News

Carlton Baths Bootcamp program has been providing participants with great, measurable results for many years. Danny Wilson, with his enthusiastic attitude and commitment, has helped make significant changes to the health and happiness of many people.
One member in particular achieved an initial Beep Test score of 6.5 and improved to 8.5 within 6 weeks. This equates to an extra 400 metres covered and an extra 2 minutes 9 seconds in duration. A great example of the amazing improvement in aerobic capacity achievable after 4 weeks of hard training. Alan was so happy with his results he wrote a poem…

We come in the cool dark time of morning
Blinking in the shock of fluoros starkly bright
We know each workout will not be boring
And if we follow his instructions, all will be right
Danny uses songs for motivation,
and part fright
Overcomes my laziness -so out of bed I dive
Now, I do question I’ll ever have time for
“Afternoon Delight”
Though I am quite sure if I just keep
exercising “I Will Survive”

So, with varying success we try to count,
step and box,
Then - Hop, skip and jump, and run
to the point of suicide
Danny moves among us, quick as a wily fox
Keep going he says, high standards
and sense of pride
Now here at the end of a few short weeks, health much promoted
I can now climb stairs, run and jog with ease
And I realise that we have all
with our feet voted
To become a strong troop of Danny’s Devotees

Bootcamp runs in 4 week blocks with Danny and other assisting instructors keeping you motivated and providing measurable results for the hard work participants put in.