Carlton Baths redvelopment - Stage Two

children splashing on side of pool

Carlton Baths Redevelopment - Stage Two update for the website


 Stage Two of the Carlton Baths redevelopment started 7 April 2015 and is focusing on:


  • the external landscape
  • a new and relocated toddler’s pool with a range of new and modern play equipment
  • modifications to the main pool including a ramp and re-levelled floor to provide a higher level of access to the community
  • a range of other landscape features including shade sails and further tree planting
  • modernised and relocated plant room.


This exciting project will improve the amenity of the existing outdoor space at the facility and City of Melbourne’s ongoing commitment to improving community infrastructure.


As works were being undertaken we discovered a range of structural issues within the existing pool. This means that we need to replace the entire pool shell. As a result, Carlton Baths stage two refurbishment is now expected to be complete early in the New Year.


Local residents may experience some minor disruptions during the redevelopment. We will work with the builder to minimise any disruption during the redevelopment and ensure that those that are directly affected will be you are kept informed.

Despite some set backs work is well underway. Take a look at the progress of redevelopment up until now.

CBPoolJune2015 SM CBPoolMay2015 SM

We will continue to provide progress pictures as we go. We hope you enjoy seeing how the new outdoor aquatic facility develops as we do. 


Check out the link below to give you an animated interpretation of what this new and exciting space will look like.  Plans for this stage of the redevelopment are on display at Carlton Baths reception.


Animated interpretation of Carlton Baths Stage Two works


For more information relating to these works, please contact Osei Owusu-Afriyie Senior Project Manager on 9658 8625 or email