Carlton Baths Running Group - The Golden Retrievers

  • Date: 08 May 2017
  • Category: News
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Carlton Baths running group – the Golden Retrievers, began in early 2016 as a fun and social way for the Carlton Baths community to enjoy the benefits of running in a group. Since the group began, many runners of all levels have had fun while also achieving their goals. The group regularly enters fun runs together across Melbourne.

The Golden Retrievers is a fun and friendly group that caters to all levels of running, from absolute beginners through to experienced long distance runners.

Sessions are coached by Jak Lynch, Athletics Australia accredited L2 Recreational Running coach and recreational long distance runner.


Coached sessions -  Tuesday mornings 6am – 7am

Social session – Saturdays 9:35am  – 10:35am


Meet at the front of Carlton Baths at 6am Tuesdays/ 9:35am Saturdays and complete a 1km warm up walk/jog to Princes Park

Meet us at Princes Park at the drinking tap at the corner of College Cres & Princes Park Drive at 6:15am Tuesdays / 9:45am Saturdays


All welcome! Carlton Baths members, friends and family members – no cost.


All levels are catered to in our group so expect to be challenged without feeling totally wiped out.

Sessions start with a short warm up including dynamic stretches and short drills.

All sessions take place off road at Princes Park and include some running around the perimeter of the park, shorter speed work on grass as wells as hill sessions towards Royal Park train station.

A beginner runner may cover 3km in the hour (including breaks and walking) while more advanced runners cover up to 10km, including speed work and time trials.

Individual training plans are available for all levels.


  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Preparing for events (Melbourne Marathon, Run Melbourne, Run For the Kids Tough Mudder, Hiking events)
  • Fitness for running based sports
  • A social way to keep fit outdoors
  • Building a good fitness routine
  • Individual goal setting and achievement  

For more information, email