Elvis is swimming to great heights!

  • Date: 24 May 2017
  • Category: News
Elvis & Cassie resize

Without YMCA Open Doors, Elvis never would have learnt how to swim. YMCA Open Doors is an initiative that provides full or subsidised access to YMCA programs or services to people in need.

Elvis has set himself the goal of becoming a flight attendant and as a part of the application process, he is required to be able to swim 50m and tread water for 3 minutes- all whilst fully clothed. After participating in a two week intensive swimming lesson program, he is able to successfully complete this requirement!

Elvis is extremely proud of his achievement, which has led to a renewed confidence in his ability to achieve things that he once thought were not possible. Elvis continues to practice his swimming and is still pursuing his dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Donate to YMCA Open Doors today to give more members of the community the chance to learn how to swim.