• Date: 20 August 2018
  • Category: News

Carlton Baths has recently purchased a medical grade Body Scanner called EVOLT 360 that is designed to help people better understand their body composition. The scanner measures things such as skeletal muscle mass, protein mass, body fat, bone mineral content, total body water, visceral fat, age match to body, basal metabolic rate and more…

Staff at Carlton wanted to utilise this new technology to set themselves a six week challenge to see who could achieve the best results. The competition was based on the biggest reduction in Bio Age and Body Fat Percentage.

To ensure staff were getting a similar experience to our members and to give them the best chance at improving their health they attended a Health Planning Session with a Personal Trainer just like all new members do. To qualify for the competition staff also needed to attend multiple Group Fitness classes.

Although the challenge was based on individuals it was amazing to come together as a group at the end of the six weeks and see just how much everyone improved when they followed the personal training plan, attended group fitness classes and regularly tracked their progress. As a group staff who participated lost a total of 20% body fat and were able to reduce their bio age by 12 years!

Staff were delighted with their own results but are even more excited about being able to utilise the latest technology of EVOLT 360, Precor Equipment upgrades and building personal success plans to share with our members. If staff are able to achieve personal outcomes like this just imagine the impact we can have on the community.