Get WET (Water Education with Toddlers)

  • Date: 10 October 2018
  • Category: News

Get WET - Water Education with Toddlers, is a water safety & education program developed to target play groups and new parents with young children. The program educates new parents about safety around an aquatic environment, including the home, local pool, beach, farms, rivers, and lakes.

The program has 2 one hour components – a dry and a wet session. The dry session encourages parents to discuss aquatic environments and how they can be made safer for toddlers & children. The wet sessions show parents how to hold their toddlers properly in the water, new skills that can be introduced to the children before formal lessons and most importantly how to have fun in the water. 

A number of play groups have enjoyed the sessions and received great benefits. Hazards were discussed that parents hadn’t previously thought of, new ideas were formed on how to make bodies of water safe and for many it was their child’s first time in the water.  Many parents gained the confidence to take their children swimming, knowing they were doing so safely and at maximum benefit for their child.

We’re confident that these sessions will raise awareness around water safety and enable local families to enjoy being in and around the water with more confidence this coming summer season.