Heartmoves Trial session!

  • Date: 07 October 2015
  • Category: News
Customer Service and Older Adults

HEARTMOVES is coming to Carlton Baths
On Wednesday 7th october at 10.30am, we will be running a trial Heartmoves session here at Carlton Baths.
We hope to launch the Program ongoing in the coming weeks.
For those not familiar with Heartmoves; heres a link to explain! 
The trial session will be at no cost to participants and we will offer a snack and light refreshemnets after the class.
For those of you who might have a friend, family member or colleague who would be suited to Heartmoves, please spread the word!
It can be a great way to get mobile and get moving for people who may have been out of action for a long time, had cardio/heart issues or other chronic issues limiting their activity. 
Contact us at Carlton Baths for more information!
Email: aaron.christiansen@ymca.org.au
Call (03) 9347 3677