Monthly MyZone Challenge Winner

  • Date: 15 July 2016
  • Category: News

Congratulations to David, our monthly MyZone Challenge WINNER!!!

David had an incredibly impressive 243 MEPs in the “Red Zone” for the month, an outstanding effort.

What do you like best about myzone?

The best thing I like about Myzone is that I know exactly how hard you are working in your training sessions, rather than just relying on your gut feeling. It’s also a great motivation tool also. You can look up at that screen and see with just a little bit more effort you can be in the red zone. It spurs you onto bigger and better things.

What sort of exercise do you use Myzone for?

I use Myzone for a variety of exercises.

I use Myzone in Spin sessions. It motivates me to try that little bit harder.

I use Myzone when I’m running on the treadmill to know exactly how hard I’m working.

I use Myzone when I’m doing a weights session. My heart rate determines how long I rest between sets. I know as soon as I go down to the green zone, I’m right for the next set.

I also use Myzone remotely from the gym. I know if I go for a run around Princes Park that data will be stored. The next time I go to the gym that data is uploaded to my monthly total.

How do you get into the red zone and stay there?

There’s no magic answer to this question but there a whole lot of contributing factors. When you work in the red zone you are predominantly working anaerobically. That is, there is insufficient oxygen getting to your working muscles. Therefore you can only maintain that intensity of exercise for a short period of time.

What I did find over the month, the more frequently you work in the red zone the longer you can stay in the red zone. Your body gains a tolerance to the build-up of lactic acid.

I also found that proper hydration, good nutrition and sufficient sleep all contribute positively to your ability to maintain intense exercise.


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