MyZone Challenge Winner!

  • Date: 23 May 2017
  • Category: News

Congratulations to our last MyZone Challenge winner from March – Euan Brown, who earned the most MEP’s in the red zone for the month – a huge 2288 MEP’s.

In an interview with Euan, we seek to see what drives him.

This is now the second challenge in a row that you have won! What is your secret?

The challenge provides something to focus on, in addition to the smaller challenges I set for myself.  It allows me to target specific areas of my workout – in the case of the March Challenge, I focused on my intensity.

What sort of exercise do you usually do at the gym?

I alternate between a cardio and a weights/abs routine, with a stretch cool down each time. I love the non-impact exercise associated with the cross-trainer. If you hear Danny blaming me for breaking a cross-trainer, it’s not true!

How do you stay motivated at the gym?

I simply like to move and I like the post-exercise sense of satisfaction.  I want to stay as fit and healthy as I can. I enjoy the feeling and freedom that comes with being fit and I need to keep up with the energy of my youngest niece! I really notice how my usual exercises become much harder if I’m away from the gym for more than 2 weeks so I come regularly to avoid hard work!

Are you working towards any goals at the moment?

In a few years, I want to climb all 286 Munros in Scotland.  They are mountains over 3,000 feet. My trip will probably take 6 months, so endurance, recovery and persistence will be key physical attributes for achieving my goal. MyZone Challenges help me to improve how I manage fatigue and to develop the mental strength to keep going when the exercise becomes physically hard.

How does MyZone help you with your health and fitness goals?

I like to monitor and measure my exercise performance.  It allows me to create mini-goals during each month and it provides motivation and satisfaction when each mini-goal is achieved.