MYZONE is coming to Carlton Baths

  • Date: 01 January 2016
  • Category: News

MYZONE is now available at Carlton Baths


MYZONE is an exciting way of making training fun, consistent, accurate and effective!

On Sale at Carlton Baths


One of the main barriers that prevent people losing weight, tonight up getting stronger is getting the right exercise intensity.

Different intensities promote varied responses.

The intensity you need to train at will be specific to your goal.

If we talk about tone & weight loss as a fairly common goal – The big picture intent is to get rid of the excess fat our body has stored. Without adding to the already confusing list of advice the fitness industry distributes – the following things are fairly agreed upon by most professionals.

  • Building consistency with training. It takes a consistent ongoing approach to make significant changes to your body. Finding an easy and automatic way to document and track your workouts can make the challenge of consistency a lot simpler!
  • Getting the right intensity with training. You may have heard the old fashioned ‘No Pain, No gain’ catch cry. A bit old school – more accurately nowadays we use things like’ If doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you’. The ability to exercise at the right intensity for the right amount of time is essential. Staying in a zone that is ‘challenging’ for set period can be the difference between a successful work out or merely going through the motions.
  • Improved and quality hydration and nutrition is essential. It’s very difficult to tone up or lose weight without adhering to the general principles of healthy eating.


MYZONE is a tool which ensures you know exactly how effective your workout is by giving you real time display of effort and intensity.

You’re provided with detail summaries of all facets of your exercise.

It’s all automatic, so no data entry is required by you, the user. All your data upload to your phone’s app via Bluetooth, or by standing near the hub at your gym.

It’s usable inside your gym as well as for external exercise. The belt stores up to 16 hours worth of data remotely.


MYZONE is an exciting product that we hope you enjoy!

What: System, App, Heart rate belt

When: Available now at Carlton Baths

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