The Drum

  • Date: 24 November 2017
  • Category: News
20170825 173514

For 2 hours each Friday night, the stadium is booked out for The Drum, a community organisation who work with the local youth. To build relations with the members of The Drum, the Carlton Baths management team challenged the youths to a friendly game of soccer - well so they thought!

It turned out to be a hard-fought match with neither team wanting to lose to the other. Great skills were shown by both sides with some fancy shots at goal and impressive saves by the keepers. In the end, the Drum youth came away with the win in what was a very exciting match.

The relations and mutual respect between the staff and the youths have been enhanced through this match and has provided a springboard to strengthen our ties with the local youth and start to break down the “us vs them” mentality.  This mentality was further broken down by having a couple of the Drum side on the bench join with the staff team in the first half.  We hope to re-challenge them in the near future and continue to break down barriers and empower the local youth.