This month's MyZone Challenge Winner

  • Date: 01 August 2017
  • Category: News
MyZone winner

This month’s MyZone Challenge was: The first member to reach 4000 MEPS for the month.

Member Patricia Wales AKA Patsy won this month's challenge getting an incredible 4000 MEPS in under two weeks!

4000 points in under two weeks is an incredible effort! What is your secret? Did you have any extra special motivation this month?

I have been working out at the CBCC steadily over a long period and have noticed a significant improvement in my strength, aerobic fitness and health overall.  I did have extra special motivation this month – the MyZone competition!  I thought, “I can do this” and “this could be MY chance to win the competition”.  Therefore, I went for it and I was pleased to prove to myself that I could do it. 

What sort of exercise do you usually do at the gym?

I do cardio and weight training, usually on alternate days, with one or two rest days each week.  For cardio, I use the cross trainer, the treadmill and the upright bike.

How do you stay motivated at the gym?

Over many years, I have learned that I feel better when I exercise.  On days when I feel reluctant to go to the gym, I go through the motions of getting dressed, going to the gym and just starting some exercise.  On those days, I usually find that after 15-20 minutes, I am feeling good and I get more energy to complete my workout.

Are you working towards any goals at the moment?

My general goal is to improve my aerobic fitness and overall muscle strength so that I can continue to do all the things I love to do (travel, long distance walking, etc).  My specific goal is to improve my bone density, which I am pleased to report has happened over the last 12 months (still more to go).

How does MyZone help you with your health and fitness goals?

MyZone is great because it gives me a visual picture of the effort I expend in each workout and over a month.  It motivates me to keep going, to try to better than previous workouts, or at least maintain that level of effort. It is also interesting to see how effort points vary according to the type of workout, how I have slept, what I have eaten, what I am thinking, etc.  There is also a fun, social side to MyZone as well, where you can see how friends’ workouts are going and engage in friendly competition with them.

Congrats again Patsy!