Upcoming Events

  • children jumping out of the water

    Carlton Baths Redevelopment Stage 2

    07th April 2015 - 01st November 2015

    Stage two redevelopments for Carlton Baths aquatic facility begin Tuesday April 7th Read more

  • CB Rower1

    Rower Challenge

    01st July 2015 - 31st July 2015

    1000m Rower Challenge! The July Challenge is to complete your fastest 1000m Rower time. Best time per age category can win some great prizes! All welcome Read more

  • Nutrition Seminar July 2015 TWO

    Free Nutrition Seminar at Carlton Baths

    27th July 2015

    Are sugar and fat consumption a little confusing? Are they part of the reason you're struggling with a healthy diet & weight management? Read more

Today's Timetables

Timetable Wednesday 08th July 2015

  • Cycle
    • 7:15 PM Cycle Express - Emily 45m Cycle Studio
  • Group fitness
    • 6:15 AM BodyAtack - Lim Yiew 45m Group Fitness Studio
      9:00 AM Low Impact Cardio - Robyn 1hr Group Fitness Studio Suitable For Seniors
      10:10 AM Pilates - Mel 1hr Group Fitness Studio Suitable For Seniors
      10:30 AM Tai Chi - Wing 1hr Multi Purpose Room Suitable For Seniors
      11:20 AM BodyPump - Sara 1hr Group Fitness Studio
      6:00 PM Pilates - Mel 50m Group Fitness Studio
      7:00 PM Latino Jam - Amber 1hr Group Fitness Studio
      8:10 PM BodyPump Express - Emily 30m Group Fitness Studio
  • Aqua
  • Suitable for pre/post natalSuitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for familiesSuitable for families
  • Suitable for seniorsSuitable for seniors